Shazarda - Client
The Australian Shazarda is an extreme 400km endurance ride, and for three years I have assisted 98% of my horses to successfully complete it.

I know this works!Kyro - Client
In 5 months I had 70 horses race. 22 won their races including 6 cup races. Wellington Cup, with Cluden Creek, NZ Oaks with Wharite Princess and 3rd in the Auckland Cup with My Governess just to name a few.


"Shousharny has worked on our horses for a couple of years now. She is a special person who has magic hands. Her ability to work with problem horses is outstanding and I highly recommend her to work on anyone's horse."
Mike, Lynda and Susan Preston (Show)

Video and Booklet available so you can learn to work.

"I have had Shousharny to my horse for the last 8 years and each time have had complete satisfaction in her methods of treating my horses. She comes to massage my hunters prior to hunting. I currently hold the record for the Egmont/Wanganui Hunt Club of attending and hunting the same horse every hunt for the last 8 years. I fully recommend her to any one."
Ellison Horricks (Hunting/Eventing)

Rocky went on to win his next start

Shousharny and her equine friend Spirit




"To whom it may concern, this letter is to inform you that I have employed Shousharny as an Equine Masseuse for the last three years. In that time she has worked on almost all the horses in my stables. Her professionalism to the job is of the highest quality, and she is very reliable and punctual. Over the three years Shousharny has worked on my horses she has achieved some excellent results with them. I have found some horses that I have had problems with after been treated by Shousharny have returned to the track in winning form and held that form. The most notable horse to do this is Chipper Jones who was struggling as a one-win horse and now has won five races. I would not hesitate to recommend Shousharny to anyone in the future."
Lisa Latta (Racing Stables, Awapuni Racecourse)
Palmerston North

"Shousharny has worked with our horses at Wiahau Stables for over 18 months. In this time she worked on "MY Governess" (1st Feilding Gold Cup, 2nd Wiakato Cup, 3rd Wanganui Cup, 3rd Auckland Cup, and Cluden Creek, 1st Marton Cup, 1st Wellington Cup), and numerous other potential gallopers. Shousharny found problem muscle areas, which she worked on assisting the horses' wellbeing to help them with their racing. I am sure her assistance helped to get the maximum out of our horses."
John boon (Racehorse trainer)

"Shousharny has worked on our sore horse, and worked miracles. The horse is a full wire hunter but has had problems over the last two seasons with a sore shoulder. Rest, veering, etc didn’t fix the problem. Shousharny came and after the 1st visit he was 98% then after the 2nd visit he was 100%. Now he shows no sign of his sore shoulder. Also, Shousharny has worked on my back. I’ve had 18 years of physio, chiropractors, and doctors and never been totally pain free. I have had more relief from Shousharny administrations than any other person. I thoroughly recommend Shousharny to any body or any horse that is sore. She seems to be able to work miracles."
Sandra Grey (Hunting/Eventing)

"I own an appaloosa horse and so Western Riding. Shousharny treated my horse, as he wasn’t performing well at all, stiffness and sore spots. After treatment he was so much more supple, enabling him to work harder as pain wasn’t hindering him. Shousharny also treated myself for pain in my shoulder. Treatment relieved so much pain and a follow up treatment put the rest right. I recommend treatment from Shousharny for horse and man to be very beneficial and she is very professional."
Wendy Sedcole-harper
Palmerston North

I am an owner of sport horses and live in Eltham, New Zealand. I have known Shousharny for three years and have had her work on all my horses using the technique of Stresspoint Therapy Massage. Over this time Shousharny has always taken a sincere interest in each individual horse and has made significant improvements, as well as maintaining the performance of my horses. Our north island games pony representative was un-rideable and lame when we first contacted Shousharny. Vets and other therapists had not been able to help him. After one treatment the improvements were obvious and after the 2nd treatment he was healed. Shousharny has a unique talent that is special in the equestrian field. She has a passion for her work and I have been privileged to have had the benefit of her unique ability. She has also worked massage and healing/Stresspoint Therapy with my family, again with great results.
Yvonne Burling (Sport Horses, Eventing)

To whom it may concern, SHOUSHARNY HEALER has been working on my horses for the past 10 years using Stresspoint Therapy Massage and passive manipulation with great results. An example of Shousharny's work was clear when for the first time my horse was worked on he fought with Shousharny, but when Shousharny came back 5 days later he must have realised that Shousharny had in fact helped him to heal, because he didn't move the whole time he was being worked on - he loved it 100%. I would not hesitate in recommending Shousharny to anyone, and I have done this thru my Horse Business many times and the success stories have been great. Shousharny is great with the horses and they love the work she does on them.
Mrs Shelley Penn
(Manageress/owner of Taranaki Horseworld
Owner/Trainer of Thoroughbred Racehorses.)


"We first got to know Shousharny four years ago when my Son, Fraser, was preparing for the NZ Pony club championships (eventing). Fraser's horse seemed to be locking his neck, which was making him very hard to control on the cross-country. I was aware of
Shousharny's growing reputation in stress release therapy, but until that time, I had not had the need for this service. Shousharny did two 1½-hour treatments, two weeks apart. As a result, our horse's whole way of going changed. His frame became softer and rounder and he became much more responsive to the aids. Shousharny continued to treat the horse both before and after major events (the horse was competing a CIC* and CIC88 horse trials). The horse became a pleasure to ride and handle. We now know that the locking of the neck was the horse's response to considerable back pain, which had developed over a long period of time since a fall with the previous owner. Many astute observers commented to us on the big improvement in our horse. We as owners and riders, are, through our association with Shousharny, now much more aware of the stresses this level of competition places on the horse. Since then Fraser has evented two other horses at this level, in one-day-events and three-day-events. We have continued to use Shousharny's services with both these horses as a preventive measure and as a way to keep them in top condition. Shousharny, because of her passion for horses, is keen for the owner to take an active role in the ongoing welfare of their horse. She encourages owners to learn about their horse's physiology and suggests massaging techniques owners can use to keep their horses well. We have learned a great deal from her.
However, we acknowledge we do not possess her insight and "feel" for the horse and know that her expertise will be sorely missed by many horse owners (and horses) here. I would be happy for any potential clients to contact me in person if they so wish."
Yvonne King
(Immediate Past President, Taranaki Area Pony Club.)
Phone: 0064 6 75 75 567


Good morning Shousharny,

just a quick note to let you know how well Elle is going. I do believe that she is the happiest that she has ever been, no cranky face when I do the girth up or mount. Travels along long low with huge over tracking trot. No pigrooting into canter transitions, is also happy to canter forever, I used to have to keep her going. And her body, wow, how you were right she has "popped" out everywhere. The only thing that I am disappointed about is that I didn't take before and after photos.

I will be recommending you highly to all my horsey friends, I have also dropped your cards and pamphlets off to my local produce.

Keep well

Kinds Regards
Toni, Elle and Col Hinder.

PS: Col is feeling heaps beter also.


Video and Booklet for Muscle Maintenance Program

The combination of the Gluteus maximus and longissimus muscles are the horse's main source of power. No area of your horse receives more constant stress than these points.
Happy after Stress Point therapy
Rhomboids & Trapezius Muscles will tightening up the shoulders resulting in a loss of power, lack of coordination, and the ability to move freely.

Having ridden and worked with horses for years, I came to realise that I have a gift for working with them. Results of my work are truly amazing and have helped many horses that were destined for destruction back into winning form on the racetrack and in all equestrian disciplines.

"We have had an association with Shousharny for the past three years, during which time she has treated our horses. Our first introduction to Shousharny came after veterinary services had exhausted traditional treatment methods and advised us to have one of our horses put down. Through massage and homeopathic remedies Shousharny has been principally responsible for returning this horse to an active and productive life. Shousharny has consistently demonstrated an ability to identify the horses needs, and they respond accordingly. "
David, Jean and Nicola Bell (Eventing)
Palmerston North

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